Miley Cyrus Is Already Over Her New Album "Younger Now" And She Wants To Know What To Do Next

Miley Cyrus Is Already Over Her New Album "Younger Now" And She Wants To Know What To Do Next

Miley Cyrus just revamped her entire sound, but it appears as if she's already "over it!" The singer opened up to Clara Amfo during an interview with BBC Radio 1 Live to talk about her new music as well as her old tracks. Although her new album doesn't hit the stores until the 29th of September, Cyrus says she's already moved on and is ready for a change!

Cyrus claimed she wrote "Malibu" back in June of 2016 and put it out in April of this year. She added, "I've been holding onto it," and for a bit too long according to the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus.

According to Miley, she's already working "on the next one, " and she's "two songs deep." "I'm over this now," and desires something different in her artistic endeavors.

And while the "Malibu" singer is certainly a major success in the music industry, she thinks her new record is entirely different from what's on the radio these days. She hopes "the radio plays it," but her idea of what is successful is possibly different from another person's.

Miley just wants people to "love the music," and most importantly, she wants to love her music. She wants to "be proud of it and hope my fans love it too." It wouldn't hurt to appeal to a new fanbase as well! As for the critics' perception of Miley's new music, many have been critical, and others have praised her departure from politically charged music which is all the rage in 2017; case-in-point: Katy Perry.

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