Miley Cyrus Excited To Decorate Her Brand New House Following Liam Hemsworth Separation

Miley Cyrus Excited To Decorate Her Brand New House Following Liam Hemsworth Separation
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New house, new life! In the aftermath of her split from Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus is excited to start anew and part of that is also decorating her brand new home in Malibu.

Insider reports claim she wants to make it feel like her own place, complete with quirky decorations that are totally her style.

This comes after Miley and Liam actually lost their home in the Malibu wildfires back in November.

After the place burned down, the pair moved to a rental close by but now that they are over, it’s time for Miley to get her own place that she can decorate according to her unique personal taste.

One source tells HollywoodLife that ‘Miley is excited to have a new place to decorate with her mom and sister Brandi. Her mom Tish has helped her immensely getting the new home set-up. Miley is such a homebody and her mom and sister helped her decorate her old home from head to toe and she was very attached to it. Her sisters were constantly over there too, so her home with Liam was always kind of hers in a way because of this.’

Since her home with Liam had many quirky items reflecting their happy life together, it sounds like she’ll most likely go for the same style for her new house.

‘Miley loves the beach and she finds peace near it, which is why she is happiest living there. That’s why it’s no surprise that she wanted to return to Malibu to get a place for herself while she figures things out. She’s looking forward to the energy of a new place for just herself. She was living with Liam up until they decided to split for good, so she’ll live in this place alone for now,’ they went on to dish.

They also mentioned that since her mom and sisters will be over so much, it’ll be almost like they’ll be living there with Miley as well.

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