Miley Cyrus Confesses She Relapsed Amid The Pandemic - Details!

Miley Cyrus Confesses She Relapsed Amid The Pandemic - Details!
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The singer revealed that she ended up relapsing during the quarantine but assured fans that she is back on track and that she is ‘not mad’ at herself! Here’s what she had to say!

Miley Cyrus opened up about her sobriety, letting her fans in without hesitation.

With that being said, she mentioned that she is a really ‘disciplined’ person when it comes to her struggle with addiction but she still relapsed amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Regardless, the singer has no regrets and is only focusing on what she’s managed to learn from falling off.

This and more is what the star revealed during a new interview on Apple Music’s New Music Daily.

She stated that she has been 2 weeks sober since the relapse and stressed how important it is to be open about this publicly.

‘Well, I, like a lot of people, being completely honest, during the pandemic fell off. And [I] felt really a lot of … and I would never sit here and go, ‘I’ve been f***ing sober.’ I did not, and I fell off and I realized that I am back on sobriety now, 2 weeks sober, and I feel like I truly accepted that time. One of the things I have used is, ‘Don’t get furious, get curious.’ So do not be mad at yourself, but ask yourself, ‘What happened?’ To me, it was a f**k up because I am not a moderation person, and I do not think everyone has to be f**king sober.’

Miley then detailed her own steps she took in order to get away from both alcohol and drugs.


‘I don’t have a problem with drinking. I have a problem with the decisions I make once I go past that level of … Even into, I’ve just been wanting to wake up 100 percent of the time. I’m very disciplined. That is why it is never easy, but it is pretty easy for me to be sober or in and out of sobriety because it is like the day I do not want to f**king do it anymore, I don’t. The day that I do, I do. You know?’ she shared in part.

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