Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth - Here's Why They Finally Decided To Tie The Knot!

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth - Here's Why They Finally Decided To Tie The Knot!
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Miley Cyrus and her man Liam Hemsworth went through a terrible experience when their house completely burned down in the California wildfires. But despite that, they were able to get even closer and realize some things that led to them deciding to finally tie the knot!

After no less than ten years of dating and claims that they did not need a legal certificate or a ceremony to validate their love, Cyrus and Hemsworth said their vows on December 23 only surrounded by their family and closest of friends.

One insider previously shared with People that the whole thing was just perfect as ‘They always wanted a small, private celebration with family and close friends and that's what they got. Miley seems ecstatic.’

The stars have had their ups and downs throughout the years as they even broke up after getting engaged, only to reunite later on.

But despite wearing her engagement ring for years, Miley always said she was perfectly content with their relationship status.

Back in September while chatting with The Sun, Miley argued that ‘I'm just riding this out. I do not envision marriage. I am 24. I hope I'll get to live a bit more. I have too much living to do.’

Only a couple of months later, the singer and actress and her significant other actually did get married!

Did she just say that to keep the secret or did something really change her mind? Was it the fire?

Or maybe they are planning on starting a family together since sources have mentioned before that the celeb was only planning on tying the knot if she was ready to have kids!

Perhaps she was inspired by all the young couples getting married in Hollywood this past year or simply realized that a legal and symbolic bond was actually pretty important to her!

Either way, their relationships just felt different this year and from the fire that left their home in ruin, they were reborn like a Phoenix instead of being broken by the loss.

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