Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Expecting A Baby? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced!

Miley Cyrus And Liam Hemsworth Expecting A Baby? - Here's Why Fans Are Convinced!
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The happily married couple sparked assumptions that they are going to be a family of three soon! Miley Cyrus took to her social media to share a Met Gala snap featuring ‘Mommy and daddy,’ aka, she and her hubby Liam Hemsworth!

Obviously enough, it didn't take long before speculations started going around that her cryptic caption was some sort of pregnancy announcement!

So are they expecting their first child together or not and people are just reading too much into it?

Here are a few of the reactions from fans wondering the same thing!

‘Is that a hint to something Miley!… 😄’ / ‘Are you having a baby?’ / ‘is she pregnant?!?!’ a few comments read among many other similar ones!

Meanwhile, there were other fans who theorized that, since there was also a second picture uploaded that also featured Demi Moore, Miley must have been calling her hubby Daddy and Moore, Mommy just as pet names for them.

So it seems like people may have really jumped the gun here and there is no bun in the over.

However, if there was, it would make quite a bit of sense given Liam’s interview with GQ Australia in which he declared that he wants ‘10, 15, maybe 20’ kids.

On the other hand, he did mention that it’s not going to happen yet but only ‘Once we do not have so many dogs. You could not bring a baby into our house right now. But one day, we will know when it is right. But right now? Not for the time being.’

The pair tied the knot one day before Christmas Eve in a very small and intimate secret ceremony


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