Miley Cyrus Admits That Portraying Hannah Montana Made Her Have An 'Identity Crisis' - Here's Why!

Miley Cyrus Admits That Portraying Hannah Montana Made Her Have An 'Identity Crisis' - Here's Why!
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Miley Cyrus looked back at her teen years when she was portraying Hannah Montana on the small and big screens and she admits that, at the time, she had an identity crisis! The reason for this is, apparently, the fact that she felt like no one really cared about her outside of Hannah Montana!

It's been a full decade since the Disney Channel show had its finale but Miley still remembers how the series affected her.

During a new interview for Spotify’s Rock This with Allison Hagendorf podcast, Miley shared that 'The concept of the show's that when you are this character, when you have this alter ego, you are valuable. You have millions of fans, you are the biggest star in the world. Then the concept was that when I just looked like myself, when I did not have the wig on, no one cared about me. I was not a star anymore. That was drilled into my head, without being Hannah Montana, no one cares about you. That was the concept. I had to break that… had gone from being a character nearly as often as I was myself.'

As you may know, Miley was only 13 years old when she was cast as the iconic character and went on to play Hannah until she turned 18.

After the show wrapped up, Miley did go through a time where she tried to get away from that image as much as possible, even as she got backlash for sexualizing herself while being a role model for kids for so many years.

'I think that’s maybe why I almost created a characterized version of myself at times. I never created a character where it was not me, but I was aware of how people saw me and I sort of played into it a little bit….Like, when I noticed people gave a s**t that I would stick my tongue out, when they told me, ‘Stop sticking your f***ing tongue out,’ I would do it more,' the singer and actress explained.


For more on what the star had to say, check out the podcast episode!

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