Miley Cyrus Admits She's Attracted To Harry Styles!

Miley Cyrus Admits She's Attracted To Harry Styles!
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It sounds like Miley Cyrus has a little crush on none other than Harry Styles lately! During a Would You Rather game on Heart FM, Miley chose the former One Direction member to kiss when she found herself having to choose between he and Justin Bieber!

That's right! It sounds like Miley would choose Harry over Justin any day and she did not even hesitate to admit that she finds him really attractive!

It all started with host Mark Wright asking who between the two male singers she would love to kiss and she simply replied 'Harry.'

Miley went on to explain that 'Justin Bieber I have known for way too long, it’s like [he is] family. Harry Styles, he’s looking really good.'

The star even had a look in mind, raving about his style, the fishnets one he wore for Beauty Papers one, in particular!

She explained that she is totally into fishnets and understands the appeal.

'We have really similar taste. Sharing a closet, sharing a life together, it makes sense,' Miley added. She's clearly thought ahead!

Hearing this, the host was quick to tell Miley that he could really be their matchmaker if she's interested.

'If you want me to hit you up, I am pretty good at it, and I know Harry so I can make it happen.' he told the singer and actress.

In response, Miley joked that 'Everyone is always playing cupid for me these days!'

But the host insisted that they would 'make a great couple' so he'd be willing to be their cupid!

‘Well I think I need to play cupid on this one because I think you’d make a great couple, we’d all love it. Just leave it with me and see what I can do.’


Do you think Miley and Harry should give it a go or not?

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