Milan Tells A Fan The Reason She Is No Longer With Meek Mill

Milan Tells A Fan The Reason She Is No Longer With Meek Mill

Meek Mill split up with Milano, even though they had a baby together. Nonetheless, designer Milan Harris tried to distance herself from her ex, as The Shade Room noted in a recent report.

Earlier this year, Milano responded to a troll on Instagram who said that it’s “sad only thing she is a baby momma she should be a wife.” What drew her attention was that she was labeled as being “only” a “babymama,” as if these were her only credentials.

She clapped back at the troll, saying that even if she was a just a “babymama,” what would make it sad? “Do you say it’s sad that your mom, aunts, or cousins are just baby mamas?” she asked, telling the troll that they should “keep that same energy for your family sis.”

Now, since she broke up with Meek Mill, although Milano has been quiet about it, her fans keep asking her about her relationship. For instance, she uploaded a video of a dinner she had made with the ingredients in the caption, and a fan thought it would be a good moment to ask her what was up with Meek.

“Help us figure out why Meek would leave you,” the fan asked out of the blue. Her response may have been sarcastic or just cryptic since it’s a quote from a movie. Here’s what she said:

“cuz I ain’t s**t, I ain’t gon’ be s**t and I don’t have s**t.”

The quote is from the movie “Juice,” said by Bishop (Tupac’s character). Some people wondered whether it was something Meek told Milano that led to the split, while others thought Milano was just being sarcastic.

Late this July after Milano gave birth to their son, Meek Mill confirmed the pair had split. Even before that, the relationship was secret and even as Milano was showing signs of pregnancy there were rumors Meek was the father. Eventually, he confirmed they were together.


It seems that Meek is now already moving on, lusting over LisaRaye who just announced she’s going to create an OnlyFans account.

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