Mila Kunis Refuses To Check Out Demi Moore's Memoir - Here's Why!

Mila Kunis Refuses To Check Out Demi Moore's Memoir - Here's Why!
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Ashton Kutcher’s wife and fellow actress, Mila Kunis has no desire to read his ex, Demi Moore’s memoir that details their relationship and what eventually led to the divorce. Demi and Ashton were married for no less than 8 years and the tell-all talks about him being unfaithful, she being pushed to use drugs again and into having threesomes, and more!

After all, the memoir is called Inside Out so it’s expected that it would reveal all the ins and outs of her life!

Now, one source dishes via HollywoodLife that ‘Mila doesn’t want to talk about what is in the book and anything else that might be revealed. She doesn’t want Family Guy to bring it up in any jokes, she wants to wash herself clean from anything Demi.’

As you may know, Mila and Ashton became wife and husband two years after his split from Demi – in 2015.

However, they had known each other for many years since they starred together on That ’70s Show.

That being said, the insider went on to explain that ‘Most of her life has been with Ashton and knowing him both as a friend and romantically. She is a very private person, the reason we never heard anything about her relationship with Macaulay Culkin is that she doesn’t like talking about her relationships and spilling details. It’s something sacred and special for her, so for Demi to spill all these details is really frustrating for Mila. She wants to steer clear from it all and can’t wait for it to go away.’

Another source insists that Mila knows they have an incredible bond that he did not have with Demi and that means that nothing, not even that book that might ruin his image will break them up.

Mila feels like all she needs to do is ignore it and just focus on their two kids and also on loving and supporting her husband.


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