Mila Kunis Brought Her Parents To Tears by Renovating Their Condo While 9 Months Pregnant!

Mila Kunis Brought Her Parents To Tears by Renovating Their Condo While 9 Months Pregnant!

Mila Kunis seems like a great daughter!

The actress managed to surprise her parents with a home renovation while she was 9 months pregnant!

Kunis brought her husband, Ashton Kutcher to help her completely transform her childhood home. The final result left her parents in tears!

The 33 years old actress teamed up with Houzz UK and she managed to do what she imagined in the first place – a more open space condo so that her mother won’t have to spend time isolated by herself in the kitchen!

“It kind of looks like Miami Vice circa 1994,” she joked before she sent her parents away six weeks ago.

The results are amazing considering Mila was also heavily pregnant when the renovations began.

That did not stop her, however, from picking up a sledgehammer and making the first dent in one of the walls.

“I’ve wanted to knock down that wall for twenty years,” she stated. “I might be nine months pregnant but if anyone is knocking down that wall it’s me!”

She had her baby boy halfway through the makeover.

Kunis expressed how much she wished her parents would love the final result as much as she and Ashton did. They definitely deserved a fresh start.

[media-credit name="Source:" align="aligncenter" width="400"] before and after

The recently retired parents were in tears when they saw the transformation, and that reaction made it all worth it to Kunis.

Thanks to My Houzz the pregnant star was able to do everything from behind a computer. She hired a great architect and shared ideas for a great final result.

As some fans may already know, My Houzz is executive produced by Ashton, and he even starred in one episode when he renovated the basement of his Iowa childhood home.

What do you think of the final results? Did she do a good job?

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  • Gabby
    Gabby Apr 26, 2017 8:08 AM PDT

    What a transformation!!!! Kuddos to Mila, Ashton and the team ?

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