Mikey Day's Snapchat War Reporter 'SNL' Skit With Adam Sandler Goes Viral — Watch Video

Mikey Day's Snapchat War Reporter 'SNL' Skit With Adam Sandler Goes Viral — Watch Video
Credit: Source: Mikey Day/SNL/NBC

The May 4, 2019, episode of Saturday Night Live brought plenty of emotional moments as well as downright humor. While Adam Sandler hosted and led viewers on a humorous and heart-gripping trip down memory lane , Mikey Day went viral with a hilarious sketch of a war news reporter who could only use his Snapchat app to provide live feeds from the Tripoli war zone.

The skit appeared as if CNN had an emergency update with Brooke Baldwin (played by Cecily Strong) and special commentator Arthur Wenzel (played by Beck Bennett) on the current situation in Tripoli.

Mikey Day portrayed Brian Makins a CNN correspondent journalist who was reporting live from a Tripoli local hotel. The skit looked like any typical war report until Brian explained he could only use one social media app to connect with. As bombs burst in the background and the live feed disconnected, Brian returned in a variety of Snapchat filters.

Brooke and Arthur looked on dumbfounded as Brian would return with buck teeth, bows in his hair and glasses. At one point he returned as a meerkat attending a birthday party.

Adam Sandler joined in the skit as a lieutenant who when peered closer to the camera was seen with a rainbow filter shooting from his mouth.

The result was comic genius and a viral skit that had social media talking as well as laughing. Some fans are now demanding that Mikey Day be in every SNL skit!

Reporter Brian Makins closed out the show by appearing as a talking hot dog.

You may watch Mikey Day as the hilarious Snapchat war reporter and Adam Sandler as the lieutenant in the video player below.

Mikey Day has been with Saturday Night Live since 2013 when he joined the show as a writer. Many of his sketches starred Taran Killam. In 2016, Mikey Day was promoted to a player.

In Season 42, Mikey Day wrote and appeared in one of the season's most popular sketches. It was David S. Pumpkins who was played by Tom Hanks. Day played one of the dancing pumpkins. The skit was so popular it was featured in 2017 for the David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special.

Some of Mikey Day's characters include Steve Bannon as the Grim Reaper, Pee-Wee Herman, Donald Trump Jr., Prince Harry, Michael Flynn, Paul Ryan, and more.

What did you think of Mikey Day and Adam Sandler in the Snapchat war report skit?


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