Mike Tyson Says He Was Drunk And High While Filming The Hangover - Says He Was Like A 'Pig'

Mike Tyson Says He Was Drunk And High While Filming The Hangover - Says He Was Like A 'Pig'
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Mike Tyson says that he was intoxicated for most of his time filming on the set of The Hangover. New York Post reported on comments from the 54-year-old heavyweight in which he described his appearence as a "pig" during the movie.

The star said he didn't even know that he was supposed to star in the comedy film. The boxing champ says he actually ran into Zach Galifianakis and the other co-stars on a night out before filming, and they told him about the cameo.

During a conversation with Tony Robbins, the motivational speaker, Tyson said he met up with the guys in the club, and in the VIP section, he said to them that it would normally just be him in there. Tyson claimed at that point in his life, he was drinking, doing drugs, and smoking a lot, so he didn't even remember his part.

Thankfully, Mike appeared in the movie and it wound up being one of the most successful films that year. In the 2009 comedy, Tyson acted as himself and the main characters of the film manage to steal one of his tigers during a wild night out partying in Las Vegas.

During an interview with Yahoo Sports, Tyson explained that he was a mess at the time of the movie's creation, he was "overweight," doing a lot of cocaine, and acting like a "pig." Afterward, Tyson went on to appear in The Hangover Part 2 and also built a solid relationship with the film's lead, Bradley Cooper.

Tyson stated that Bradley was a great guy, and he's doing well in his life as well. Since then, Tyson has managed to turn his life around completely, creating his own Broadway show, and even getting his own animated series.

The famous boxer states that he has been training lately as well, and plans on having his first fight in 15 years for a charity. Reportedly, Tyson claims his famous knockout scene in The Hangover is what led to his resurgence in popularity. Jamie Foxx will now star in a biopic about the notorious heavyweight champ. 

Tyson says the movie changed his life completely. People know who he is now because of the film. Many people didn't even know he was a famous boxer.

Moreover, the star has appeared on many podcasts over the last few months, including the JRE among others.

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