Mike Sorrentino Is Making The Most Of His Time In Prison, The Situation Is Reaching Out To Jersey Shore Fans And Helping His Co-Stars

Mike Sorrentino Is Making The Most Of His Time In Prison, The Situation Is Reaching Out To Jersey Shore Fans And Helping His Co-Stars
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Jersey Shore: Family Vacation star Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino just finished serving the first month of his eight-month prison sentence at Federal Correctional Institution, Otisville, in New York. And, even behind bars, he is still finding a way to reach out to his fans and help his co-stars.

Sorrentino married Lauren Pesce just weeks before starting his sentence for tax evasion, and the couple is sending out their thank you notes for all of their wedding gifts.

According to Page Six , superfan Kaela Sullivan, who works for fashion designer Tory Burch, thought it would be funny to send the couple a gift after she came across their wedding registry online, and the newlyweds actually sent her a handwritten thank you note on white and gold stationary.

“Thank you for the thoughtful gift for our wedding. We are so blessed to have such loyal fans like you — we appreciate your love + support during this special time in our lives,” read the note, and the couple signed it “love, Lauren + Michael Sorrentino.”

Sullivan says that she sent the couple a set of cake pans so they could “bake his Funfetti” that Sorrentino loves so much. The 23-year-old says she is “obsessed with all things and everything Jersey Shore ,” so she couldn’t help but be heavily invested in Sorrentino’s wedding.

The Rhode Island native also thought about writing Sorrentino a letter while he is in prison, but she dropped the idea after finding out that he has already received thousands of letters. However, she is still thankful for the Sorrentinos’ card, admitting that she wasn’t expecting to receive anything at all.

Sorrentino has also been a big help for his Jersey Shore co-star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro who just completed a thirty-day stint in rehab. Ortiz-Magro recently revealed in an interview that Sorrentino inspired him to get help after he started to spiral out of control.

Ortiz-Magro says that Sorrentino - who is over two years sober - advised him to get help for alcohol abuse and depression, and now he calls him “The Inspiration” instead of “The Situation.”

Sorrentino pushed Ortiz-Magro to get healthy, and he says that when you are always depressed, angry, resentful, and regretful like he was, you look at Sorrentino and think “I want that. I want to be positive.”

Ortiz-Magro says he learned routine and structure while in treatment, which are the keys for a happy and sober life.

As for Mike Sorrentino, he will be released from prison in September and then be on supervised parole for two more years.



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