Mike Johnson Will No longer Talk About His Love Life -- Claims Asking Out Keke Palmer Was A Joke

Mike Johnson Will No longer Talk About His Love Life -- Claims Asking Out Keke Palmer Was A Joke
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Mike Johnson learned the hard way that he shouldn't talk about his romance with Demi Lovato to the media. After trying to take the heat off of him, the Bachelorette alum found himself in an even more awkward position.

By now you've already heard about the moment he asked out Keke Palmer during his talk show appearance. An uneasy looking Palmer tried her best to skip a response as her co-hosts goaded him on.

The clip went viral and Palmer admitted that she felt 'ambushed.'

Many took to social media to call out Johnson and question his loyalty to Demi but it turns out that Mike wasn't serious when he asked Keke out. He had to explain that it was a move to get him out of the hot seat.


'What had happened was [Palmer] was asking me questions about Demi. I've messed up in the past by speaking publicly about my personal things. So, I vowed not to do that again. She was asking me questions. She had asked me a second question, and I really didn't want to speak on it. So, I did what most people would do in the situation that are good at doing interviews: They flip it.'

He goes on to comment on how the moment that got taken out of context affected him.

'I got, like, the most unfollows ever in one day yesterday.'

However, the hate he gets isn't going to stop him from loving himself.

Johnson told E! News: 'I'm complete trash in your eyes? Cool. Or, I'm a great guy in someone else's eyes. My mama loves me, my sister loves me, my grandma loves me.'

Meanwhile, it's safe to say that the public won't know much about his relationship -- or lack thereof -- with Demi who is too busy dealing with a recent crisis of her own.


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