Mike And Lauren Are Working On Making Babies After Epic Jersey Shore Wedding

Mike And Lauren Are Working On Making Babies After Epic Jersey Shore Wedding
Credit: Source: US Weekly

Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino is a married man. In a twisted turn of events over the last few years, the most unstable "Jersey Shore" personality is looking to become a family man.

It wasn't too many years ago that Mike was GTL'ing and sleeping with whoever would agree to  down at the Jersey Shore. The party monster struggled with an addiction to pills and alcohol so much that he recently revealed that he once told the police that his now-wife, Lauren Pesce, was a crazy fan that was following him. The chase happened when Pesce was trying to prevent him from relapsing.

Fast forward to November 1, and The Situation has turned into The Inspiration who got to marry the love of his life.

The couple is working on making a baby. They would like multiple since they both grew up in a house full of kids.

Sorrentino told US Weekly: "We’ve been working on it the past week, so we’ll see. I mean, I would love a boy first. We’re excited for little Situations!"

Pesce added: "We like chaos and a busy, loud home," she explained. "I think we would definitely want at least three, but we have none right now, so that’s pretty ambitious."

There's only one problem, Mike has just been sentenced to serve eight months in prison for a multi-million-dollar tax fraud case along with his brother. Marc Sorrentino wasn't as fortunate considering that he was sentenced to two years.

Neither Sorrentino nor Pesce is worried about how the jail time will affect their relationship. They said that it's merely a 'blip on the radar.'

The MTV star won't be turning himself in until January. It's likely that he won't serve the full amount of time so if Lauren were to conceive now, Mike wouldn't miss out on too much of the child's life.


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