Migos Rapper Quavo Is Not Happy With His Baby Pictures Being Shared Online By His Mother, Keyate Marshall

Migos Rapper Quavo Is Not Happy With His Baby Pictures Being Shared Online By His Mother, Keyate Marshall
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Social media has brought some entirely new issues to the table for some people, especially celebrities with embarrassing childhood photos.

Quavo, born Quavious Keyate Marshall, recently became an excellent example of why this is the case, as his mother, Edna Marshall, decided to share a post of the star as a young baby, all bare-bottom.

As can be expected, the picture of the Migos rapper immediately gained traction and started circulating the Internet, much to Quavo's displeasure.

Recent reports indicate that Quavo was not too happy with what his mother did, although it is all in good humor.

The star shared the photo to his own Instagram page, but fans cannot see the original caption on his mother's account, because it is kept private.

Still, it did not take long for Quavo's many fans to join in and start mocking him in a friendly manner.

It does not look like Quavo minds this all too much, despite the way he has been acting, and many have pointed out that he could have had it much worse.

After all, it is hard to imagine that this is the only embarrassing shot of him that his mother has in her possession, so hopefully -- for him -- supporters are not going to find out what other kinds of ammunition she has in store.

And while the story around the picture seems to be dying down, Quavo has still been engaging some of his fans on social media regarding the episode and has been replying to many of the cheerful comments on the event.

One fan laughed and said: "What you put online stays there forever, lol."

Another commenter stated: "Damn, you got more cakes than me, and you were just a baby."

This person shared: "My boy with the badoink like why you do the gram like that."

In a recent interview, Quavo revealed that he is not like Offset and Cardi B and prefers to keep some aspects of his life.

He stated: "That's something I'd think about, and I don't do stuff like that. That's what he represents. His relationship and what he's got going on makes him an open guy. [He] and his wife live that type of life. That's not the route I go. I try to be more musical and give y'all an image of what my life is about and see how you can relate to my position."

His mom might not totally agree with this statement.

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