Mick Jagger Says He's Excited For A Trump-Free America

Mick Jagger Says He's Excited For A Trump-Free America
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Mick Jagger , the legendary frontman of the Rolling Stones, took to his Twitter account this weekend to say he was looking forward to coming back to the United States of America now that Donald Trump is on his way out of the Oval Office.

On his Twitter account, Mick Jagger wrote that he was eagerly anticipating an America without Trump. The rock-star went on to say it was nice to see he would be "amongst people with" who he has common ground.

As most know, Jagger and the rest of the British rock band have criticized Donald Trump and his administration a number of times, including when they filed a lawsuit against him for using their song, "You Can't Always Get What You Want," during some of his campaign events.

In their statement from back in June, Rolling Stones' legal team ordered Trump and his team to stop using their music because it violated the embargo and they never received a proper license to play the song at his events.


As most know, Mick Jagger isn't the only celebrity to castigate Trump and his campaign team for using his music. Steven Tyler, from Aerosmith, also wrote a cease and desist letter to the Trump team for using one of their songs repeatedly at his events.

Additionally, Tom Petty's estate and his family released a letter in which they demanded the president to stop using Tom's songs. They argued that Petty's music was written for the underdog, and he never would've supported the use of his music.

As it was previously reported, Joe Biden beat Donald Trump on Saturday after he managed to secure the state of Pennsylvania. Additionally, the state of Nevada was called for the Democrats, but Georgia hasn't been confirmed yet.


Since the news came out, Trump has accused the Biden campaign of committing widespread election fraud. As most know, Trump had said repeatedly that the only way he could lose to the "worst candidate in the history of presidential politics" was if they cheated.

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