Mick Jagger Dances His Way Through Rolling Stones Tour Opener Months After Heart Surgery

Mick Jagger Dances His Way Through Rolling Stones Tour Opener Months After Heart Surgery
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Mick Jagger danced his way through the Rolling Stone opening concert of the group's summer tour months after having heart surgery.

The legendary rock band put on one heck of a show for Chicago fans last night. Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts took the stage to a sold-out Soldier's Field proving the legendary band is timeless.

"It's great to be back here, for the eighth time we've been here. We love Chicago so much we decided to start the tour here instead of Miami," Jagger shared with The Chicago Tribune on the band's choice to kick things off in Chi-Town.

Nothing can get these guys down, including Jagger having heart surgery. Their tour had to be pushed back a couple of months when it was revealed the lead singer needed to deal with a heart issue ASAP. He had to have one of his heart valves replaced.

However, anyone watching Jagger move around at the kick off concert could not tell at all that the 75-year-old was only two months post heart surgery. He moves better than most guys do in their 20's. Yes, the singer has recovered and is reportedly better than ever.

Social media has been flooded with posts with praise for the Rolling Stones but especially Jagger.

"#MickJagger singing his first song at his first major concert - here in #Chicago - sprinting out into the crowd. The #RollingStones' frontman is showing no signs off illness that delayed the start of the tour earlier this year," Tweeted Michael Tam

"@MickJagger back on-stage dancing like a 20-year-old with the #RollingStones" shared Media Meta

"Mick Jagger is now my all-time favorite live performer by far #RollingStones" wrote peef

It has been less than three months since Mick Jagger underwent heart surgery. If he has had any complications or setbacks, the singer is not letting it show in his performances.

Fans were not disappointed when the Rolling Stones took over Solider Field last night. After decades in the business the guys are not only still selling out concerts, but they are playing as if it was still the 1970's.

There are very few musicians and groups that can sustain such a long-lasting career. However, it is not their longevity that people keep talking about. It is their ability to put on a concert as though no time has passed at all.


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