Michelle Williams Spills Some Of Beyoncé's Secrets On How She Achieves Greatness Featured In Netflix 'Homecoming' Documentary

Michelle Williams Spills Some Of Beyoncé's Secrets On How She Achieves Greatness Featured In Netflix 'Homecoming' Documentary
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Many people are praising Beyoncé after she released her new Netflix documentary Homecoming , amongst them is her Destiny's Child "sister," Michelle Williams.

The documentary, which focuses on the brutal sacrifices that Beyonce had to make after a tough pregnancy to get ready for Coachella. Jay-Z's wife dropped a live album that included two new songs.

Michelle congratulated Beyoncé and shared a few secrets on how she gets things done to be the queen of everything.

Michelle had this to say about Beyoncé's epic work ethic: "Great work @beyonce! So proud of you!! Was blessed to personally witness the amount of work you put into this along with the team that you trusted to help execute your vision. You always say “if I dreamed it that means I can do it” OR “don’t tell me something can’t be done, I had a vision so make it happen!” Let this be a message of when God gives you something to do, trust that He’s given you everything you need to make it happen. #Beyflix."

Fans are loving the fact that one woman has decided to uplift another.

One person said this: "Awesome Michelle and the Michelle hate and slander is getting old! It’s crazy how Nipsey died, and folks were screaming to appreciate ppl while they're here. Yet y’all were being so negative about this woman this morning. God forbid but if something were to have to Bey, a living legend, y’all would be singing a different damn tune. Grow up people, and uplift others maybe you'll be happier too!!"

Another commenter wrote: "This is why I love and respect Michelle & Kelly, they’re not bitter of Bey’s success coughs in *Farrah & Latavia*Bey just can’t do no wrong! And she does it all in silent until it’s complete and then BAM. She hits you with documentary and album to go with it. 😩❤️👏🏽"

This Instagram user shared: "That my loves, is called manifestation. Beyoncé is an alchemist Queen 👏🏽Black women need to stand together 🙌🏾❤️Michelle sounded tf good too for her performance !! Michelle will heal and end up like Ciara..then those online trolls would start begging for her prayer."

A fourth follower stated: "Hate on Michelle all yall want 1st, and foremost she has God!! And she's witnessed and experienced things some of yall won't even come CLOSE to in life! And that's beyond the money she has!"

Michelle was very kind on this one.

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