Michelle Williams Gets Emotional At Star-Studded Birthday Party With Kelly Rowland -- Beyonce's 'Sisters' Look Stunning In The Photos

Michelle Williams Gets Emotional At Star-Studded Birthday Party With Kelly Rowland -- Beyonce's 'Sisters' Look Stunning In The Photos
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Kelly Rowland showed up and made sure her bandmate and singing sister Michelle Williams had the best birthday party ever.

The Destiny's Child diva celebrated the big milestone in a bright red suit where she looked hotter than ever.

The gathering, which took place in Los Angeles, featured a long list of friends, family members, and celebrities.

Michelle laughed, got emotional, and danced the night away.

She explained: "My birthday celebration was a perfect evening of friends and family. One person that was there has known me since I was 7 years old. Many tears were shed because I’m so grateful for life. A BUNNNNNNCH of laughs because the core of people that surround me LOVE to cut up and bring the shenanigans!!Thank you @wrightprods_ for such a BEAUTIFUL evening!! I won’t name other names, all of you already know the part you play in my life and the part you played in making sure my 40th was beautiful. I areally just wanted to stay home and binge-watch Judge Judy episodes, but I have great friends that push me out the house...LITERALLY!! More pics to come!! 📸: @madworksphoto"

She added: "Ok Ok! I have truly shared morrrrrrrrrre than I normally share. These pics from my birthday dinner tell such a great story!! My favorite is @kellyrowland dipping her fork in what may be her husband @timspoon’s plate! Ladies, we all do that! 🤣🤣 My other favs: @thejorgyporgy walking in the party ready to TURN UP within 2 seconds. Orrrrr @kymmyizabeautysharing a story that @timspoon started to share based off a cool ice breaker exercise......you guys this party lifted more spirits than my own and that’s all I want to continue to do! Be a light and help lift spirits as long as I live!! God has been sooooooooooo good and I thank Him for all He has done in my 40 years of life!"

Fans loved the bonding. One person said: "Such am an amazing night! Full of love and laughter. You are so loved and adored Michelle. Thank you for being the beautiful soul that you are. Can we do it again tonight???"

Another stated: "I really like how she and Kelly seem to really have a bond and true friendship..... really beautiful."

This backer shared: "I love you my fav!!!!!! It was fun and I’m ready to turn up with friends the rest of this year!!!! What an amazing celebration! Everybody was cool and fun!"

Kelly seems to be a very good friend.


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