Michelle Wiliams From Destiny's Child Thanks Fans Following Mental Health Struggle

Michelle Wiliams From Destiny's Child Thanks Fans Following Mental Health Struggle
Credit: Source: UpscaleMagazine.com

After Michelle Williams, the former Destiny's Child singer, sought treatment for her ailing mental health, Michelle thanked her fans for their continuing support. In an Instagram post, the star wrote, "thank you all so much for every message of love and support sent!"

In one of her photos, the 37-year-old can be seen wearing an engagement ring as she looked off into the distance while wearing a beautiful white robe.

Williams explained that she never wanted to make her struggles public, but now that she has, she's dedicated fully to the end of the stigmatization of mental health issues. It's a struggle she's willing to fight for.

Williams explained that she was "suffering, hurting, hopeless, and lost," but due to her fans, and the way she was able to connect with them online, the singer was able to find comfort.

In case you missed it, the singer revealed earlier in the month that she had been battling some mental health problems. The star had to go to a professional to get treatment.

As you may know, Michelle used to sing in Destiny's Child along with Beyonce Knowles. Once the band broke up, Beyonce went on to become one of the biggest stars in the world, while the rest of the group embarked on their own career on a much smaller scale.

Ever since Michelle left Destiny's Child, she has found a lot of success as an actress, even earning a few awards in the process, and also a top charting Gospel album.

For the most part, Michelle has been relatively silent over the years. However, she has a dedicated following online, who frequently support her. One person wrote, "I'm so glad that you're Ok, Michelle. I think we all go through tough times like that, so it's not that big a deal. We can relate to you."


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