Michelle Rodriguez Needs To Stay In The Fast And Furious Franchise According To This Cast Member!

Michelle Rodriguez Needs To Stay In The Fast And Furious Franchise According To This Cast Member!
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Jordana doesn't want her to go! During the 27th Annual Environmental Media Association Awards hosted by Jaden Smith, E! News talked with Brewster about the Fast franchise and why she doesn't want Michelle to leave her role as Letty!

During the ceremony, before divulging on the importance of having Rodriguez in the movie, Brewster spoke briefly on the significance of green and sustainable energy.

She claimed that the environment was "no longer a luxury" where we could afford to talk about it; something has to be done and fast!

After her brief nod to green issues, the Lethal Weapon star opened up about what's next in her arsenal of cinematic adventures. Just this past summer, Michelle threatened to leave the Fast franchise in an Instagram post and not come back. However, she made her way back onto the set.

According to Rodriguez, The Fast franchise doesn't treat women properly even though there are several integral female characters in it.

In response to Michelle's comments about the lack of "diversity" in the series, Brewster said that she "doesn't feel like (she) can speak for her," even though she adores her as well as the popular series.

Brewster admitted that she loves Michelle as well as Letty - the character whom she personifies. She said, "I just hope she stays in it because I love Letty, and I love Michelle."

Rodriguez is known for playing a tough woman in action movies especially in the Resident Evil series and Fast And The Furious. As for the plans of an upcoming spin-off featuring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Jordana said she thought there was a spin-off coming and she hopes that is the case because it's good for the franchise and everyone involved.


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