Michelle Pfeiffer Looks Stunning At 62 In No-Makeup Pic!

Michelle Pfeiffer Looks Stunning At 62 In No-Makeup Pic!
Credit: Source: nytimes.com

The 62 year old actress took to her platform to share a quarantine picture in which she was not wearing any makeup and yet, she looked stunning! Michelle Pfeiffer is definitely an ageless beauty and her fresh-faced selfie proves it.

In the caption, she asked: ‘Is it over yet?’ referring, of course to the COVID-19 quarantine.

It sounds like she has been getting really bored and quite anxious while in lockdown, which is why she asked that longing question.

But, of course, she is in no luck as her followers also let her know.

The responses were just as saddened by the reality, her followers totally relating to what the actress has been feeling!

Others focused more on her beauty than the question in the caption, gushing over her nearly wrinkle-free face and beautiful blue eyes.

It’s no secret that she has always been one of the most stunning stars in Hollywood ever since the 1980s but even today, she remains a timeless beauty.

The pic shows that she was at home in quarantine at the time she took it, her face looking towards the natural light coming from a window in her home.

It was a way for the actress to express her deep longing to be outside but not being able to and her frustration was subtly visible on her face as well.

At the time, she was wearing a black sweater, and her blonde locks cascaded in waves over it.

California has been in lockdown since March 19, which means that it will soon be two months since the state’s residents started quarantining to try and flatten the curve.

Michelle’s question was not just wishful thinking, however!

As it turns out, the shelter in place order was supposed to be over in only three days from now, on May 15.

However, just a couple of hours after her post, it was reported that L.A. County’s Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer had announced the order will be extended for at least 3 months!

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