Michelle Pfeiffer Gets Star-Studded Reaction To Her Art Work — See Her Stunning Self-Portrait

Michelle Pfeiffer Gets Star-Studded Reaction To Her Art Work — See Her Stunning Self-Portrait
Credit: Source: Michelle Pfeiffer/Instagram

Michelle Pfeiffer is making great use of the Coronavirus pandemic and is showing off her art skills on her official Instagram account. The 62-year-old stunner painted a self-portrait of herself and she's getting a star-studded response from her celebrity friends — many who are encouraging her to hold an art show. Many celebrities are also artists including Jim Carrey, Bob Dylan, John Mellencamp, Marilyn Manson , Johnny Depp,  Kanye West, Stevie Nicks, Sylvester Stallone, Ronnie Wood, Lucy Liu, Joni Mitchell, even former president George W. Bush! Now the world is seeing just how talented Michelle Pfeiffer is with her art and fans are amazed!

Michelle shared the picture of an oil painting she did and captioned it, "Self portrait in recent art class."

Fans and friends immediately sounded off with their praise for her creation that captured her piercing blue eyes and blonde hair.

Naomi Watts responded with, " 🙌💫👏👏👏👏👏 Amazing!!!"

Naomi Campbell offered her praise with applause, "👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾♥️♥️♥️."

Rita Wilson was a bit more elaborate with her response and shared the following.

" Love this, Michelle. Excellent color choices. I love the simple composition.its so clean and strong."

Octavia Spencer shared four red hearts and Andy Cohen wrote, "That's great!"

Selma Blair wrote the following, "So Hockney. Embodiment right here."

Courteney Cox wrote the following,"👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So good!"

You may see the self-portrait that Michelle Pfeiffer shared with her 1.6 million Instagram followers below.

Michelle shared a special message for her LGBTQ friends when she was cleaning her painting palette. She wrote the following.

"Cleaning up my painting pallet and this rainbow appeared, reminding me of my LGBTQ friends. Wishing you all a happy Pride Month and rainbows 🌈 all year round. #Pride"

Michelle Pfeiffer is known as one of Hollywood's most beautiful actresses and even at 62, she continues to stun and dazzle people with her grace and beauty. Here are some throwback photos of Michelle to remind people that in addition to her acting skills, her beauty carved a place for her in Hollywood that will never be replaced.

What do you think about Michelle Pfeiffer's self-portrait? Did you know she was an artist? Are you impressed with her artwork?

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