Michelle Obama Wears Natural Hair And The Internet Goes Wild - Sets New Trends Like Nicki Minaj And Kim Kardashian

Michelle Obama Wears Natural Hair And The Internet Goes Wild - Sets New Trends Like Nicki Minaj And Kim Kardashian
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Michelle Obama debuts her natural hair and the Internet goes wild praising Barack's wife for embracing her real hair.

This week, a picture surfaced that showed the former first lady enjoying her vacation possibly with the former president of the United States.

It is believed that Michelle might be vacationing in French Polynesia with Barack.

It has been confirmed that the 44th president will be spending over a month at the luxury Tetiaroa atoll retreat - a high-end escape owned by late actor Marlon Brando - where he will write his book.

The couple has received a $65 million deal from Penguin Random House for their memoirs. In the photo, Mrs. Obama has her hair pulled back in a low puff with a gray polka dot headband.

Sacha and Malia's mother wore a gray/light khaki tank top where she showed off her amazing arms. Many are applauding her for embracing her natural hair texture.

One person said: "I've wanted to see Michelle Obama with natural hair throughout both terms...looks gorgeous."

Another happy fan tweeted: "Michelle Obama rocking natural hair is THE greatest thing to ever happen to me."

A commenter shared: "She's living life and I'm all the way for it lol."

One person concluded by: "Auntie @MichelleObama giving us LIFE & all the feels w/ her beautiful, thick mane! #naturalhair #melanin #melaninmonday" Change your #hair, Change your life #MondayMotivation Michelle Obama, we're missing you already."

Hairstylist Johnny Wright, who worked with Michelle to give her iconic hairdos, spoke to the media a while back and shared the following: "The First Lady has been really instrumental in redefining beauty. If you think about it, the new trends that have come to play, like natural hair and voluptuous bodies making it to mainstream popularity, like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian, these have become more acceptable forms of beauty over the past seven years or so. You see more dark women on runways and on TV now than ever, and that can be attributed to the influence of the First Lady in America and around the world."

The former first lady is rewriting the rules of fashion and class.

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  • Anita Rorhbirn
    Anita Rorhbirn May 30, 2017 9:30 AM PDT

    My God, what a beautiful woman! Always smiling, always dressed to the hilt. I don't believe there is a more attractive woman in the world. Fabulous figure, fabulous hair, fabulous face. The style icon of the century. The world is on its knees in front of this most special person.

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