Michelle Obama, Viola Davis, And Angela Bassett Rally Around 4-Year-Old Who Called Herself 'Ugly' In Viral Video

Michelle Obama, Viola Davis, And Angela Bassett Rally Around 4-Year-Old Who Called Herself 'Ugly' In Viral Video
Credit: Source: People

4-year-old Ariyonna Cotton broke the hearts of many last week when a video of herself saying that she's ugly went viral on social media. Ariyonna has found support in Hollywood's elite players.

While getting her hair styled by rapper Shabria Redmond (aka Lil Wave Daddy), Ariyonna caught a glimpse of herself on Instagram Live and said 'I'm so ugly.'

Shocked and saddened, Shabria went into superhero mode when she perfectly told Ariyonna not to say that about herself. She made headlines for reassuring the girl who is beautiful inside and out that she is not ugly because of her chocolate skin, adorable dimples, and sweet personality.

The clip quickly made rounds and racked up emotional comments on social media.

Michelle Obama reposted the video with a message that read: 'Ariyonna, you are gorgeous. In a world that sometimes tries to say otherwise, I want to tell you—and every other beautiful, intelligent, brave black girl—just how precious you are. #blackgirlmagic.'

A-Lister Viola Davis also reshared the clip with her own words: 'THIS is the motivating factor for Black women to leave a legacy....of WORTH of BEAUTY! We are fighting hundreds of years of brutal conditioning of being considered less than. It is sprinkled in our language, behavior, laws, music...etc.. and trickles down to our youth. I'm speaking LIFE into Ariyonna. From a sista who looks a lot like you....you were born worthy therefore you were born beautiful!'

Ariyonna and Shabria were invited to the Tamron Hall show where they were surprised by legendary Angela Bassett. They were also joined by the toddler's mom.

Bassett had some important words for the special guests.

'Thank you for the inspiration that – you know, you’re helping a little one, but you’re giving such inspiration and knowledge and grace to the world. You know, people say all kinds of things – sometimes people don’t know what to say and then they say the wrong thing. But the way that you’re speaking into her life, into her spirit with things – not only her outward beauty, but the beauty that is her character.'

Ariyonna has changed her attitude and is now cheerfully shouting that black is beautiful.

It's great to see such a positive story have such an impact in hard times like this.


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