Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Impressive Abs In Cropped T-Shirt On National Signing Day

Michelle Obama Shows Off Her Impressive Abs In Cropped T-Shirt On National Signing Day
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Michelle Obama was in attendance at UCLA on National Signing Day and not only did she have a blast, but the former First Lady also looked amazing as she showed off her hard abs in a cropped T-shirt. The clothing item represented the small school of Compton College.

The ex-FLOTUS was there to congratulate the thousands of students at the UCLA campus starting their higher education.

She was not the only celebrity host but it is safe to say she grabbed all the attention by just letting loose in a comfortable, short shirt that gave people a peek at her enviable abs.

The tight, black jeans only added to the coolness of the whole outfit that at the same time, made her look very down to earth and relatable.

If you didn’t know who she was, you‘d probably mistake her as one of the college students at a first glance as she hugged and congratulated many of them.

As for the other stars at the event, Bebe Rexha, La La Anthony, Conan O’Brien, Kelly Rowland, Usher, Jesse Williams, Don Cheadle and Pentatonix were also there.

Despite the fact that Michelle attended IVY league schools, Princeton and Harvard she rocked the Compton College shirt just to show community colleges ‘a little extra love.’

Talking to the almost 10,000 students there, Michelle said: ‘When I was in high school and wanted to apply to the college of my choice I had somebody tell me I shouldn’t reach too high. They told me I wanted too much, I should dream a bit smaller and that will happen to you again and again and again.’

Her inspirational message went on: ‘There will be people in life that will tell you not to dream big because they are haters, and they don’t want anymore for you than they think you should deserve. In those moments, you have to ask yourselves whether you are going to believe the haters or whether you are going to believe the own truth of your story.’

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