Michelle Obama Posts Throwback Pic From Her Prom!

Michelle Obama Posts Throwback Pic From Her Prom!
Credit: Source: independent.co.uk

Michelle Obama took to her Instagram page to share a throwback picture from her 1982 prom and she looked stunning! As it turns out however, she was not just reminiscing about her younger years but she actually shared the snap for a good cause!

A lot of people would rather not revisit their old prom photos since those are usually the awkward years but the former FLOTUS is not one of them!

She was brave enough to share the picture with the whole world but, at the same time, she actually looked gorgeous in her pink dress and blazer so no worries about that!

The teenage Michelle was wearing a pale pink satin gown with a high slit and a matching jacket and was posing for pictures on a wicker chair.

And of course, since the 80s were happening, the jacket just had to have some shoulder pads that she managed to rock perfectly!

Who could've ever imagined at the time that the pretty teen would grow up to become one of America’s most beloved and influential first ladies in history?

In the pic, there was also a guy rocking a mustache and a tux – presumably her prom date at the time.

After all, it was seven years before Michelle met Barack Obama in Chicago, while working at the same law firm.

As mentioned before, the picture was posted with a good cause in min.

In the caption, she announced a new sweepstakes from When We All Vote, her organization.

It reads: ‘If you are a student or a teacher, join the #PromChallenge with @WhenWeAllVote and @MTV and tell us what your school's doing to register students to vote — you could get a free prom for your school! You can also help spread the word by posting your prom photo with #PromChallenge’

Sure enough, hundreds of people joined the challenge! What a great initiative!

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