Michelle Obama Mentions Trump In General Terms During The Picture Unveiling

Michelle Obama Mentions Trump In General Terms During The Picture Unveiling
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The 58-year-old former first lady opened her remarks by expressing gratitude to everyone there, including President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, as well as the employees at the official house. She said, "Thank you for having us back. We greatly value this.

Malia and Sasha have resided in this house more than they have in any other; we were talking at lunch, Michelle recounted, noting that the White House would always hold a unique place in her and Barack's hearts because it is where they reared their daughters.

It takes so lot to return to friends, she continued. After expressing her gratitude to Robert McCurdy and Sharon Sprung, the portrait artists, Michelle acknowledged how strange it still seemed to be standing in such a revered location with such a large, stunning work of art looking back at her.

I never could've dreamed that any of this could be a part of my experience growing up on Euclid Avenue, she continued. But even if I still find it uncomfortable, I understand the significance of these kinds of events and why it is very vital to do all of this.

She went on to say that traditions like these are important not just for those of us in leadership roles but for everyone who participates in and observes our democracy.

Individuals create their voices to be heard with their votes, Michelle said, perhaps making fun of former President Donald Trump's reluctance to concede loss in 2020.

We conduct an installation to guarantee a peaceful transfer of power, and those of us who are fortunate enough to hold office work tirelessly for however long the people decide to keep us in office. We then continue once our time has expired.

And all that's left in this holy location are these portraits and our good works," Michelle remarked. Portraits that remain here as history is still being made and that link our past to the present.