Michelle Branch And Patrick Carney Are Seeking Marriage Counseling

Michelle Branch And Patrick Carney Are Seeking Marriage Counseling
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After allegations of infidelity and physical abuse, Michelle Branch and her husband, Patrick Carney , have decided to try couples counseling in an effort to save their marriage.

Now that my husband and I are in counseling, I wish we had begun sooner. The 39-year-old singer expressed regret to Tamron Hall for waiting so long to get help and communicate with others in a clip from Thursday's broadcast of The Tamron Hall Show acquired by People.

After describing the dramatic improvement in such a short period of time, she offered advice to those couples struggling in their own marriages. This, she added, is your indication if anyone is looking. If you've been contemplating approaching someone about it, do so.

This news comes just one day after Page Six exclusively revealed that Branch and Carney had filed a motion to rescind their divorce and seek reunion in court.

Amid their split announcement, the Black Keys drummer, 42, made allegations of domestic violence against the singer; nevertheless, the pair have since reconciled and declared their commitment to their relationship.

Branch described the evening she was arrested for slapping her husband and pondered on the consequences that followed, even after the case was dismissed.

It has been a huge benefit to us. What happened that night... it's a shame. According to her account to Hall, that night was the worst of her life. Even more so, to have it out in the world just before releasing a record has been a lot, but all I can do is be honest about what I'm going through and what's happening. I know that I am not the first person to experience this.

Also, Branch denied any wrongdoing by declaring, "They are not allegations!" Abuse of force... When it comes to violence, I draw the line. Yes, I smacked my hubby. It wasn't the crowning achievement of my life.



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