Michael Strahan Opens Up About Alex Rodriguez Joining 'Good Morning America'

Michael Strahan Opens Up About Alex Rodriguez Joining 'Good Morning America'
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At the end of last month, it was announced that former baseball player Alex Rodriguez would join Good Morning America. Jennifer Lopez' boyfriend will become co-stars with Robin Roberts, George Stephanopoulos, Amy Robach as well as with former Today host Michael Strahan.

Strahan recently opened up about his opinion on the addition, and it seems like he is all for it!

'Alex and I have been friends for a long time. So when I heard the news—which was before everybody else heard the news—I was not surprised by it. I think it is great because he is a smart guy. He is interested in TV, he is great on TV and knows what he's talking about. It is something he really wants to do. He works at it. Out of respect of that and knowing Alex as a person, I think he is going to crush it,' stated Strahan, openly praising his close pal.

Aside from Alex Rodriguez, Strahan also talked about fatherhood and gave his fans advice on how to be a good parent.

The host revealed that as a parent you cannot be selfish and you usually give everything to and for your children.

He went on stating that until you have a kid, you only think you know love.

The most important, according to Strahan is putting your kids before you every day and doing everything possible to make sure they're safe and protected.

When asked whether or not he would allow his offspring to go into the entertainment industry one day, Strahan replied that he has no problem with it if they’re old enough.

He would like his children to have a real childhood first and enjoy it as much time as they can.

What do you think about Strahan's friendship with Alex Rodriguez? What about his parenthood?


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  • Paula
    Paula Jun 16, 2017 3:44 PM PDT

    Another mistake adding Rodriquez to GMA!

    • Eldon
      Eldon Jun 16, 2017 11:58 PM PDT

      Another mistake by GMA. This guy is baseball's biggest cheater. No one respects him.

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