Michael Jackson's Sister La Toya Jackson Talks Sexual Abuse Allegations — Watch Video

Michael Jackson's Sister La Toya Jackson Talks Sexual Abuse Allegations — Watch Video
Credit: Source: La Toya Jackson/Instagram

Michael Jackson's legacy is under intense scrutiny after HBO aired the documentary Leaving Neverland . Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck accused the pop star of sexually abusing them throughout the nineties yet some in the Jackson family disbelieve those claims. While the nation debates the allegations and whether HBO should have aired the documentary since Michael Jackson isn't here to defend himself and was acquitted in a court of law, attention has turned to an interview with his sister: La Toya Jackson.

In the 90s, child sexual abuse allegations against Michael Jackson became public and La Toya spoke out publicly and it wasn't in defense of her brother.

She spoke about alleged conversations she had with her mother and stated that her mother came to her with information regarding two checks with large sums that were allegedly used to pay off the families of boys who had stayed at Neverland Ranch.

The interview also includes La Toya Jackson saying she was a sexual abuse survivor (she later stated that the Jackson patriarch Joe Jackson, sexually abused her older sister Rebbie as well as herself.

You can watch the interview and listen to La Toya Jackson discuss the allegations against her brother in the video player below.

Back when the interview first aired, La Toya received a lot of negative criticism. Many questioned why she would speak out against her brother instead of being supportive of him. Now, after Leaving Neverland, some are revisiting the video and paying close attention to what she had to say.

The case at the time involved Jordan Chandler and was ultimately settled out of court for a reported sum of $20 million.

La Toya hasn't spoken out publicly about the recent allegations made by Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck though Michale Jackson's nephew Taj Jackson and his niece Brandi Jackson have both made statements and conducted multiple interviews defending their uncle's legacy.

What do you think of La Toya Jackson's interview? Do you think her statements indicate she believed Michael Jackson was guilty of sexually abusing children?

Do you believe Michael Jackson sexually abused Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck?


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