Michael Jackson's Nephew Taj Defends Marriage To Elivs' Daughter, 'My Uncle Loved Lisa Marie Presley'

Michael Jackson's Nephew Taj Defends Marriage To Elivs' Daughter, 'My Uncle Loved Lisa Marie Presley'
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On May 26, 1994, the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, married the King's, Elvis Presley's, daughter Lisa Marie, and ever since people have asked why. In the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland, a not-so-positive theory was given. The allegation was raised that Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley to cover up his pedophilia.

The Sun recently published an article suggesting that Michael Jackson married Lisa Marie Presley in order to "get hold of Elvis' music collection.

Even Oprah Winfrey asked Lisa Marie Presley directly why she married Micahel Jackson and if it were a "real marriage." Though some of Michael Jackson's fans have criticized Lisa Marie for the way she has spoken about Michael Jackson, she has always stated that she never witnessed or suspect anything inappropriate on his part with children.

You may see several video interviews below where Lisa Marie Presley discusses her relationship and short-lived marriage to Michael Jackson.

Since Leaving Neverland's HBO premiere, speculation has returned to Michael Jackson's relationship with Lisa Marie Presley as people continue to ask if their love was real.

In the documentary, accuser Jimmy Safechuck said he participated in a mock wedding ceremony with Michael Jackson that included the exchange of vows. Safechuck held up a gold ring encircled with diamonds that he said Michael Jackson bought for him.

A video clip showing Michael Jackson shopping for jewelry with a young Jimmy Safechuck went viral last week as more people found it reminiscent of the documentary.

While Lisa Marie has repeatedly stated that her love and relationship with  Michael Jackson was real, there are many who say it wasn't.

Now, Michael Jackson's nephew is speaking out and sharing that from his personal experiences and communications with his uncle, Michael Jackson truly loved Lisa Marie Presley.

The comments were in direct response to the Sun article.

"My uncle LOVED Lisa Marie Presley. He told me and my brothers this many times over the years. It was genuine. He felt she was his equal, didn't want his money and could truly understand his life. This is [a] shameful article, and your source is a proven liar. Anyone else see a pattern?"

You may see the tweet below.

What do you think about the comments? Do you believe that Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were in love and in a real relationship?


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