Michael Jackson's Kids May Reportedly Sue His Two Accusers

Michael Jackson's Kids May Reportedly Sue His Two Accusers
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If you're reading this, then you are definitely not living under a rock or in a secluded cave without any Internet connection, and you're aware of the allegations against music legend Michael Jackson .

His kids are not here for it and the Leaving Neverland series.

According to the latest reports, it seems that Michael's kids are even considering suing the accusers. The Shade Room and Page Six have more info on the subject.

TSR reported that the kids are 'thinking about suing the accusers involved Wade Robson and James Safechuck. After the airing of the explosive docuseries, many who have been longtime fans of Michael have shown their support on social media, while others have denounced the late #KingOfPop.'

It seems that Page Six has reported that the suit would include fraud, emotional distress, slander, and misrepresentation.

'Interestingly enough, Michael’s kids aren’t seeking any sort of monetary compensation. Should they receive any, they reportedly plan to give it to charity,' notes The Shade Room.

What Michael's kids do want is that both Wade Robson and James Safechuck to issue an apology.

This whole subject has been triggering mixed reactions from people and this time is no different.

Someone had a problem with the fact that his kids are caucasian and a follower responded: 'Obviously the children are fully caucasian! Doesn’t make them any less his kids especially since they inherited his assets and are set for life.'

Another follower said 'Good and they should. Let their father Rest In Peace!!!! Y’all comments are whack and have nothing to do with the story those were MJ kids.'

A commenter agreed as well and said 'This shouldn't be a might it should be a must. They need to have the lawyers draw up those papers ASAP. They should include Oprah in the lawsuit for entertaining the BS.'

One other person had this to say: 'Y’all are a disgrace for real talking about they don’t have not one resemblance of African descent, and they look Caucasian that’s not his kids. That’s his damn kids for one, two they bi-racial not just Caucasian the mother is Caucasian, and the father is African American, they look like their parents. Some of y’all weren’t even born or was just babies when this man was live and when he passed away so clearly don’t a thing pay attention to the real issue not someone’s kids 🙄'

A follower posted: 'Y'all just hurt that Michael would stick around and raise kids that weren't biological his, but your real daddy left and kept telling y'all he will see you on the weekends and never came..'

What do you think? Should Michael's kids sue the accusers?

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