Michael Jackson's Brother Begs People To Let Him Rest After The Release Of 'Leaving Neverland'

Michael Jackson's Brother Begs People To Let Him Rest After The Release Of 'Leaving Neverland'
Credit: Source: nypost.com

Michael Jackson’s brother, Jermaine, is begging everyone to let the late star rest. This comes after the release at Sundance Film Festival of a new documentary titled Leaving Neverland.

As you may know, the film features two men, Wade Robson, and James Safechuck, accusing the King of Pop of sexual abuse and pedophilia.

Despite this, Jermaine is defending his brother and insists that he is innocent.

After the documentary was released at the festival, media and many viewers reacted in an emotional way to the two alleged victims’ stories.

But even before it dropped, Michael’s estate had already denounced it!

During an interview for ITV's Good Morning Britain earlier today, Jermaine made it very clear that he is ‘1,000 percent sure’ his brother is not guilty.

‘Because Michael was tried by a jury, and he was acquitted on all of this because there was no real evidence, there was nothing there. Our family is tired. We're very tired. Let this man rest. He did a lot for the world. Let him rest. There is no truth to this documentary,’ he stated.

‘We're living in a time where people can say anything and then it's taken [for] the truth. They'd rather believe a documentary than looking at what was said under oath, in front of a judge, jury, everything,’ the man went on to say.

Jermaine also confessed that the release of the documentary has been very tough in the Jackson family.

When asked if they are planning on filing a lawsuit against the filmmakers, Jermaine said that it is something the estate will deal with, before begging: ‘Just leave us alone, leave him alone, Let him rest, please. Let him rest. He deserves to rest.’


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