Michael Jackson Update: Nephew Taj Launches Go Fund Me For Counter 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary

Michael Jackson Update: Nephew Taj Launches Go Fund Me For Counter 'Leaving Neverland' Documentary
Credit: Source: The Mirror

While the world is reeling from the explosive HBO documentary Leaving Neverland  the Michael Jackson estate wants to remind you that from their point of view, the documentary is full of lies. Not only is the estate suing HBO for $100 million over the movie, but Michael Jackson's nephew Taj has launched a Go Fund Me to create a counter-documentary.

Taj Jackson is Tito Jackson's son and the blood nephew of Michael Jackson. He's been vocal on social media and has conducted a series of interviews defending the legacy and integrity of his uncle. While some are calling for justice for Jackson's accusers Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, Taj is calling out for justice for Michael Jackson.

In a posted tweet he wrote the following.

"The time has come to tell the true side of his story. Join me on my journey to unmask the truth about Michael Jackson. Not the truth certain media is selling you, but the truth as it actually happened.
#proveninnocent #truthrunsmarathons #justiceforMJ."

The Go Fund Me has received support from Michael Jackson's loyal fans who are outraged over Leaving Neverland and the backlash that has ensued. The Go Fund Me has currently raised nearly $80,000.

With a goal of $777,000, there is still more work to do with 90 percent needed to be completed. Donations are coming in and it appears that as Leaving Neverland continues to find worldwide markets and more people are standing with Wade Robson and Jimmy Safechuck, likewise, more people are choosing to stand with Michael Jackson's legacy.

Taj Jackson is receiving plenty of support on social media and it appears he's become the unofficial spokesperson for the Jackson family.

While a lot of attention has been placed on Michael Jackson's three children: Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, and Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket who is a minor), and what they have to say, it is Taj Jackson who is doing the talking.

And if the Go Fund Me makes its goal,  it appears he'll be doing more than speaking out but will produce a movie based on the family's side of the story.

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