Michael Jackson Allegedly Cried When Marlon Brando Questioned Him About His Sexual Orientation During First Trial

Michael Jackson Allegedly Cried When Marlon Brando Questioned Him About His Sexual Orientation During First Trial
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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Marlon Brando once spoke with prosecutors about Michael Jackson in 1994, around the time when the pop star was facing off against allegations of child molestation.

In a statement with the prosecutors, the legendary actor shared the details of a conversation he had with Michael regarding the relationship he had with his father, as well as his sexual orientation. The LA County District Attorney's office reportedly heard of the relationship between Jackson and Brando.

Marlon had a son named Miko, who happened to work as Michael's personal driver claims a new podcast, Telephone Stories: The Trials Of Michael Jackson. Reportedly, the King of Pop was teaching the actor to dance, and Brando was teaching the pop star how to act.

Rather than put him before the grand jury, Lauren Weis and Bill Hodgman, the prosecutors presiding over the case, requested Marlon speak through a telephone call. Brandon Ogborn, one of the co-creators of the podcast, acquired the transcript of the Marlon interview which came from the 14th of March, 1994.

Weis is now a judge, and she reportedly verified the statement with the podcast's creator. Ogborn said in an interview with The Times that the interview was all over the place, "meandering," and "loosey-goosey," claiming that Brandon would be "canceled" if he was around today.

Weis referred to Brando as a "weirdo," similar to Michael Jackson, so for that reason, they understood each other. Brando reportedly confronted Jackson about his sexuality during a dinner at the Neverland Ranch one evening.

According to Brando, he spoke with Jackson about sexuality, and Jackson danced around the question, giggling when Marlon asked him about sex. "He was acting fussy and embarrassed," Marlon said in the interview.

The iconic actor claims Jackson lived in a different world from the rest of the population. Moreover, he described the late King Of Pop as not having his own "real emotions." Brando said in the interview that it was "pretty reasonable to conclude that he may have something to do with kids." The interview wasn't used in the "Bad" artist's trial.

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