Michael J. Fox And Tracy Pollan Open Up About Their Family Dynamic - How Do They Remain Connected To The Kids?

Michael J. Fox And Tracy Pollan Open Up About Their Family Dynamic - How Do They Remain Connected To The Kids?
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It turns out that the respected actor and his wife have put a lot of effort into staying as connected as possible with their four kids! Michael J. Fox and life partner Tracy Pollan attended their 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Cure Parkinson's' benefit and gave an interview to ET.

During the chat with the outlet, the two got candid about the ways in which they have fun with their offspring.

‘Honestly, we travel a lot. We also go out to dinner a lot, they like shopping a lot,’ said the mother of four.

Indeed, Fox confirmed that they really like to dine together as a family and they do it very often.

‘They like to eat, a lot. None of them are really huge but they do like to eat. They must burn a lot of calories doing something cause they eat copious amounts of food,’ the proud father joked.

As for the happy couple, you may know that Michael and Tracy started dating after falling in love on the set of Family Ties, a 1980 sitcom.

But despite being comedy masters, it turns out that their kids are not impressed.

Pollan admitted that ‘They don’t think we’re funny at all. They just roll their eyes as they think we tell stupid mom and dad jokes.’

Fox went on to add that ‘I do tell stupid jokes, but you tell clever jokes. I tell the same joke over, and over, and over again.’

Obviously, the family of six has a very harmonious and loving relationship, and that is very rare in the industry, so, congrats!

What do you think about Fox and Pollan still having such a great relationship with their kids (ages 17 to 29?)

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  • Nancy
    Nancy Nov 12, 2018 2:57 AM PST

    I pray for you and your family. I grew up with u both. You are so lucky to have that strong bond. I envy that seeing as i only had it with my dad. Who is no longer here. I still cant handle it. I was suppose to have twins a year after he passed but i lost them. I lost a lot of very close friends all in a short time. I ask myself will i have a special love like yours and is it to late for kids. I guess u can tell im in a bad place. Your fighting for your life and i dont want to live. I wish i could give you my life. Stay strong u got a lot to live for. God Bless you and your family!! I'll be thinking of u xo

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