Michael Douglas Would Have His Son Hand Out Marijuana Cigarettes At Parties New Memoir Says

Michael Douglas Would Have His Son Hand Out Marijuana Cigarettes At Parties New Memoir Says
Credit: Source: VallartaTribune.com

According to a report from Page Six, Michael Douglas' son, Cameron, despite being born into an upper-class lifestyle, still had his own struggles. The 40-year-old son of the 75-year-old Michael Douglas claimed that the pressure of living up to his father and grandfather's legacy was nerve-wracking as a young man.

In addition to being the son of Michael Douglas, he's also the grandson of the 102-year-old Kirk Douglas, who's a legendary fixture in Hollywood. Cameron wrote in his new memoir that the pressure of living up to the two aforementioned men was challenging.

"It's diminishing to be perceived mainly as someone else's son, how do you compete with Kirk Douglas," Cameron asked in his memoir. Cameron just releasd his brand new book, Long Way Home, in which he explains some of the difficulties he had growing up in his father's shoes and shadow.

Cameron, like Michael Douglas, experimented with drugs, but Cameron appeared to take it a little bit too far. For several years, Cameron was not only a heroin addict, but he also was addicted to cocaine and started dealing crystal meth and living a life of misery.

Consequently, Cameron ended up serving eight years behind bars. He found himself in a number of incidents in which he robbed people but was never caught for his actions. For instance, Cameron pulled an air gun on an old lady working at a Hollywood motel and demanded her to open the cash register.

Upon opening in it, he discovered there was a meager $20 bill in it. Cameron stated that he liked the "adrenaline" rush of crimes, rather than the actual money part of it. Moreover, he enjoyed bragging about it to people.

For Cameron, it was more about taking pleasure in "confusing people," in the sense that he was born into a lot of privilege but still ended up doing "crazy s**t." Cameron was once arrested in New York City back in 1999 on cocaine possession and once again in 2005 in LA. Police found heroin as well as crack-cocaine in his vehicle.

Reportedly, Mr. Douglas had been shown the lifestyle of the partying elite at a young age, even once running marijuana joints to celebrities. Cameron remembers hanging around people like Danny DeVito, Oliver Stone, Pat Riley, as well as Jack Nicholson.


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