Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Posts Photo Of Pregnant Girlfriend's Baby Bump

Michael Douglas' Son Cameron Posts Photo Of Pregnant Girlfriend's Baby Bump
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Cameron Douglas and his expectant girlfriend Viviane Thibes are looking forward to a happy life together. The son of Michael Douglas took to social media to post a photo with his pregnant significant other, showing off her growing baby bump.

He also wrote some really sweet and deep words about the pregnancy and his relationship with his baby mama in the caption of the Insta pic.

‘So it’d be an angel was in the making. From high above this Soul perched to determine where her efforts would be partaking. Once decided this moonlight blazed without resistance - No longer just musings. She was now a powerful force of existence. ? But whatever grace aligned those musings with our reality; A lifetime of Love and fulfillment awaits in utter totality. #myheart ?.’ Aww…so poetic!

Thibes also posted the same exact picture featuring her topless covering her breasts with her hand and embraced by her baby daddy.

In the caption, Viviane talked about how excited she is to finally meet her child and how much she looks forward to experiencing the joys of being a mother.

Cameron and Viviane have been going out for quite a while now.

After serving a seven years long sentence on drug charges, the man was released from prison back in August of 2016.

Back in 2013, Cameron wrote an article for Huffington Post in which he admitted that he was at fault and said he did not want any special treatment but did not hesitate to slam the justice system.

According to him, instead of providing the right treatment for those who relapse, they think the solution is locking them up.

We are glad that things are finally starting to look up for Michael Douglas’ son and we hope he’ll never relapse again.

Congrats on the pregnancy!


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