Michael Douglas Says Surviving Cancer Fixed His Marriage With Catherine Zeta-Jones

Michael Douglas Says Surviving Cancer Fixed His Marriage With Catherine Zeta-Jones
Source: mirror.co.uk

Actor Michael Douglas has revealed that after surviving cancer, his marriage with Catherine Zeta-Jones has become “tighter!”

The man said his stage 4 tongue cancer recovery has helped him see life in a whole different light and appreciate his three kids and wife more.

The 72 years old Oscar winner also confessed that trying to raise Cameron, while being a “substance abuser” impacted his oldest son negatively. After being jailed for drug possession, Cameron is struggling to turn his life around.

At the TCM Classic Film Festival Q, where he was present, the actor talked openly about his career and even personal life.

“When you get into your 70s, you are not getting the same roles. And it made me appreciate how blessed it was to have the family I have around me in life.”

But while an actor’s career cannot be the same after a certain age, family is what gave the star a sense of “purpose.”

Douglas also revealed how happy he was to be able to save his marriage to 47 years old Catherine Zeta-Jones, explaining that any marriage has its ups and downs but both parties need to want to fix it for it to work.

"Then when we do succeed it makes you tighter than ever before - we are like 17 years now.”

When asked if he thinks he is now a better husband and father after winning his battles, the actor answered affirmatively.

“I have more time with them, and I chose to use my time.”

He admitted that raising his oldest, 37 years old son Cameron while using drugs contributed to his “genetic issues, ADHD, and dyslexia.”

But Douglas is very positive and supportive of his beloved son.

“Cameron is now writing a book about his first act of his life. It will be cathartic and help him.”


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  • Deanna Ingle
    Deanna Ingle Apr 10, 2017 7:10 AM PDT

    At least Mr Douglas has survived his demons and the big c family is always first then game

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