Michael Douglas Claims He Worried He Would Lose His Son To A Heroin Overdose

Michael Douglas Claims He Worried He Would Lose His Son To A Heroin Overdose
Credit: Source: LATimesHeroComplex.com

According to a report from Page Six, Michael Douglas was incredibly concerned about the wellbeing of his son. During an interview with People Magazine, Douglas explained that he once feared for his son's life.

The 75-year-old Oscar winner stated there were moments when hope simply disappeared, and he became entirely convinced that his son, Cameron, would die. "I thought I was going to lose him," Mr. Douglas said to the reporter.

Reportedly, Michael's son, Cameron, 40, first started to abuse heroin and cocaine as a teenager and went on to start dealing drugs. He later served an eight-year prison sentence. Even worse, he spent two of those years in solitary confinement.

Despite the fact he spent a good portion of his life behind bars, Cameron's time in prison helped him finally get clean. Cameron said to reporters from People Magazine that he hated seeing what had happened to his life as a consequence of substance abuse, but he couldn't stop.

Cameron was later released from the penitentiary in 2016, three years ago. His experiences fighting drug addiction, however, gave him the inspiration for what he does today. Cameron intends to help addicts fight off their addiction demons.

Cameron, who has a 22-month-old daughter, Lua, with his 41-year-old girlfriend, Viviane Thiebes, claims he wants to do what he can to help others escape drug addiction.

According to People, in one part of the book, Cameron explained that his father wanted him to stay away from the rest of his family, including his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, as well as their two kids, Carys and Dylan.

In the book penned by Cameron, Michael purportedly said he had a wife and children to protect, and he couldn't let Cameron's problems affect their lives. Cameron said to him in response, "Don't you love me anymore, Dad?"

In a moment of tough love, Douglas stated that he loved him very much, but couldn't keep "nurturing" a relationship because he feared Cameron was going to die. Douglas reportedly told his son that he was "emotionally preparing" for the moment when he either killed himself or someone else.


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