Michael Costello Called Out For Snubbing Savannah Chrisley After Lala Kent Reveals Her Experience With Him

Michael Costello Called Out For Snubbing Savannah Chrisley After Lala Kent Reveals Her Experience With Him
Credit: Source: ET

Michael Costello went viral for calling out Kylie Jenner for only acknowledging famous designers unless she is getting paid to do so. Just a day later, multiple reality stars have called him out for his hypocrisy.

Lala Kent was the first to see his comment on Kylie's photo where she shouts out Olivier Rousteing.

She took to her stories to say that she was snubbed by the designer who she asked to make her wedding dress because she wasn't famous enough.

He clapped back and responded that she was a no show to her appointment and didn't want to pay for her dress.

The Vanderpump Rules actress said that he proved her point.

It seems that this is a pattern for Costello because Savannah Chrisley told her own story of an experience with the Project Runway alum.

'Y’all... Designer Michael Costello is currently bashing @kyliejenner for not giving credit to certain designers. And then @lalakent came forward saying Michael refused to dress her because she wasn’t “famous enough.” And HE DID THE SAME THING TO ME FOR AN NBC EVENT!! Wouldn’t dress me because I just wasn’t famous enough for him. It’s truly so sad. But then @waltercollection dressed me in this gorgeous design and made me feel so much better!!'



The designer who was under heat left a lengthy comment on Savannah's photo: 'You look beautiful honey . I have nothing to say about you because i do not know you at all we have never met and you never reached out to me to get a “ NO “ but dig a little deeper Walter was my best friend and use to work for me for 3 years . Like i said get the facts straight . Not everyone should expect something for free if they are on a reality show. . . Had i known you personally and you followed me and reached out things could have been different but we are not Friends and do not know each other on that level , there is no reason why you should feel entitled for me to dress you or make something for free for you or Lala . It doesn’t matter how famous any one is all of my high profile clients respect me and my work and come to me when they have a vision and budget . God bless.'

Whose side are you on in this fashion showdown: Lala and Savannah or Michael Costello?


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