Michael Clifford From 5SOS Apologizes After Offensive Old Tweets Resurface

Michael Clifford From 5SOS Apologizes After Offensive Old Tweets Resurface
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Michael Clifford’s offensive tweets have resurfaced and people are obviously not happy with what the 5 Seconds of Summer guitarist had to say at the time. However, it did not take him long at all to acknowledge he was wrong and apologize.

Clifford admitted that his old posts were definitely ‘dumb’ and attributed them to the fact that he was really young back then and had a lot to learn.

The guitarist, who is 24 years old now, took to his Twitter account to address his scandal, talking about some offensive tweets from 2012 to 2014 that recently resurfaced.

The said posts contain sexist and homophobic language but Michael himself did not make a direct reference to any of them in his apology post.

‘Hi. I am so f**king sorry for all the dumb s*it I did when I was younger. I'm a different person now with a better understanding of the world. Some people just have access to the digital megaphone earlier than they should, unfortunately and I was one of them. I'm so sorry for hurting anyone. it was never my intention. I was so naive and I'm embarrassed and I'm beyond sorry. I'll continue to be better and I'll continue to change. I never want to hurt anybody again,’ he wrote.

This drama started last week when one user shared a thread containing screenshots of the old tweets that, fans say had been deleted from his platform a long time ago, probably after he realized they were wrong.

The posts that made some fans really disappointed had the artist telling someone on the platform who admitted they were ‘hopeless in the kitchen’ to just ‘get a woman.’

Furthermore, there are also screenshots of several tweets in which he used the word ‘f*g.’

And that’s not all! The same user shared a pic in which Michael had a shirt with the confederate flag printed on it.

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