Michael Ché Makes Joke About Kanye And Caitlyn Jenner And Social Media Roasts Him For Being 'Transphobic'

Michael Ché Makes Joke About Kanye And Caitlyn Jenner And Social Media Roasts Him For Being 'Transphobic'
Credit: Source: Oxygen.com

According to a report from Page Six, Michael Ché found himself in trouble on social media for joking about Caitlyn Jenner and Kanye West during a recent episode of Saturday Night Live . The SNL host was mocking Kanye and his latest record, Jesus Is King, during the Weekend Update segment.

Ché compared the 42-year-old rapper with the 70-year-old former Olympian who recently turned transgender. On the show, Che said there was a point when Kanye was arguably one of the coolest black men on the planet, however, things have changed since then.

"How long before (Kanye) changes his name to Cathy?" the host jokingly asked. Ché went on to allude to the notorious Caitlyn Jenner, telling the audience of the crowd that there was a person around five years ago who moved to Calabasas.

One Twitter user accused Ché of using Caitlyn's name and identity as a joke, without even making an actual punchline. In other words, the Twitter user explained, Caitlyn Jenner's transgender identity was the punch-line.

The person went on to say that it was "super uncomfortable for the audience." As it was previously reported, Caitlyn, who was once married to Kris Jenner before they got divorced in 2015, publicly came out as a transgender woman in the very same year.

Thus far, neither Ché nor his manager agreed to respond to the Twitter allegations. This wouldn't be the first time Ché was involved in controversy. Previously, Michael Ché came out to support his fellow comedian, Kevin Hart, during his Oscars controversy in which the latter was told he had to apologize for past tweets or bail out of hosting the Oscars.

Kevin took to his social media account to say he would not be hosting the Oscars because he had already addressed the tweets in the past. Following his decision to step down from hosting, the comic apologized anyway to the LGBTQ community, with some people hailing it as the right decision while others didn't.

In criticism of the Academy's decision, Ché pointed out that they just nominated Mel Gibson for an award, who was once caught saying anti-semitic and racist remarks to police officers upon his arrest.


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