Michael Bay: Sci-Fun With "Little America"?

Michael Bay: Sci-Fun With "Little America"?
Source: hollywood.com

Michael Bay, the director perhaps best known for his Transformers movie franchise, has apparently decided that bringing toys from the nineteen-eighties to the big screen just wasn't unbelievable enough.

He announced this week that his next directorial dalliance entitled, “Little America”, will be a dystopic “sci-fun” film depicting a dark, near-future of a fictional United States.

Based loosely on John Carpenter's classic, “Escape From New York”, Bay intends to place a more modern take on the underlying story line. Exercising literary and artistic license with a cult classic can be a risky business in Hollywood.

However, Bay seems to believe he has found a sure-fire way of ensuring its success: Make a Trump-like stooge the bad guy. In this case, Bay may be making a huge miscalculation in how this could play with the American audience.

President Trump's favorable ratings have been rising since well before the election and continue on an upward trajectory. And, although the villain(s) in the movie are admittedly not named Trump, Hollywood's propensity for clumsy, heavy-handed propaganda will leave no doubt that that is who is being vilified.

With that in mind, Bay risks losing half, or more, of his potential viewership in the U.S. But then, perhaps he has his sights set on an audience outside our national borders?

Financing for “Little America” will be provided by Universal, a studio that has very close ties with China. Coincidentally, in the movie, America is bankrupt, the Chinese own the majority of the US, and the good guy/victim/aggrieved party in the movie is a Chinese billionaire and his daughter.

So this flick is meant for whose consumption exactly?

Sadly the movie appears to be shaping up to be obvious political bilious gibberish and propaganda. Not only does it seem to lack an original idea, it is channeling a new take on the tired trope of blaming Bush. Trump is the new stand-in? Sigh.

But, perhaps the movie can yet be salvaged. A cameo of Bumble Bee with Shia LaBeouf leading a protest against the nefarious Trump-villain....that will for sure sell more tickets!


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