Michael B. Jordan's Former Assistant Says He Always Asked Him For A Kiss

Michael B. Jordan's Former Assistant Says He Always Asked Him For A Kiss
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During a new episode of Juicy Scoop With Heather McDonald , Michael B. Jordan 's former house assistant shared what it was like to work for the Black Panther star. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on the conversation between Amir Yass and the actor's old employee.

Yass says he and Michael B. Jordan were often very flirtatious with one another. In fact, Yass went so far as to say they once "had a moment." He claims Michael would often walk around in boxers without a shirt on, and he would flirt with anyone or anything.

Yass says, "He would flirt with me, with everyone - he was such a flirt." During one part of the interview, Yass claims Michael once asked him if there would ever come a point when they would kiss.

You can check out the interview below:

Yass says he was once in his closet, and Michael asked him if they were ever going to kiss. He responded, "Michael!" Jordan went on to tell him, "I just like to josh around with you." The host speculated on what he really thought Michael wanted from him.

Yass insinuated that he was thinking maybe he lost out on an opportunity with the Creed actor. As most know, Michael B. Jordan first came to prominence for his role in the smash-hit comic book film, Black Panther.

It's not exactly a surprise that Michael B. Jordan likes to flirt with people. For instance, earlier this year, it was reported that Megan Thee Stallion dropped a twerking video and Jordan flirted with her in the comment section.

Social media users freaked out when they noticed the flirty exchange between the two celebrities. Michael reportedly wrote, "oh you getting flooded today bayybeee." According to reports, Megan posted the video where she and her friends were twerking in the pool along to the song, "Diana" from Pop Smoke, who passed away earlier this year.

Michael has also been the target of flirting as well, including from the Night School star, Tiffany Haddish, who proclaimed her love for him during an appearence on The Breakfast Club.

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