Michael B. Jordan Praised On Twitter For Supporting Meghan Thee Stallion Amid Foot Shooting Fiasco

Michael B. Jordan Praised On Twitter For Supporting Meghan Thee Stallion Amid Foot Shooting Fiasco
Credit: Source: EW.com

Megan Thee Stallion revealed this week that it was, in fact, Tory Lanez who shot her in the foot after a house party one night involving Kylie Jenner. 24 hours ago, the rapper confirmed it was Tory who fired the gun that led to an injury that required a hospital visit.

Megan said during a new Instagram Live session that the altercation occurred for no good reason. Since then, many other performing artists in the industry including rappers, actresses, and actors, have jumped behind Megan to show support.

As it was previously reported, Kehlani, the R&B artist , was just one person who revealed she would no longer feature Tory Lanez in the music video of her latest song, "Can I." Moreover, Jojo announced she was going to do the same thing.

Since then, social media users have asked why other men in the industry haven't defended her, and Michael B. Jordan must've heard because he came to bat for the rapper.

As a result of his comments, Michael B. Jordan received considerable praise from social media users sand other celebrities. Halle Berry did the same thing.

As for Tory, it's unclear what's going to happen to next, but he has been charged with gun possession. Earlier this month, it was reported that LA prosecutors were considering filing more charges against him, including felony assault with a weapon.

Thus far, it's still not entirely clear what set the fight off, but Adam22 and DJ Akademiks had the scoop from "trusted sources." Both parties told essentially the same story, that being that Tory and Megan had been sleeping together over the last few months.

While at a house party, Lanez allegedly gave more attention to Kylie over her and Megan became really upset. She supposedly started to scream in his face and they were told to leave the party because of the scene they had caused.


Later that night, the pair of rappers were in his SUV together and when she tried to leave, Tory reportedly shot at her, injuring one of her feet, leading to a hospital visit.


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