Mia Farrow's Daughter Quincy Has Coronavirus — Asks For Prayers

Mia Farrow's Daughter Quincy Has Coronavirus — Asks For Prayers
Credit: Source: Mia Farrow/Instagram

Coronavirus is no respecter of persons, statute, fortune or fame. Now the deadly, novel virus has struck Mia Farrow's home as she has requested prayers for her daughter Quincy Farrow-LePine. At only 26-years-old, it seems that Quincy would have been safe from contracting the virus that has ravaged the world and resulted in more than 18 million deaths in the U.S. Quincy lives in Hartford-Connecticut and is the mother of a little girl, Coretta. Mia revealed the sad news on her official Twitter account where she asked prayer for what she considered a personal request.

Mia Farrow shared the following.

"A personal request. If you would be so kind, would you please send up a prayer for my daughter Quincy. Today she had no alternative but to go to the hospital for help in her struggle against the Coronavirus."

Though Mia stated that Quincy is battling Coronavirus, she didn't say much about the level of care she is receiving or what happened that prompted Quincy to need hospital care. It is also unknown how long Quincy has been sick with Coronavirus.

You may see the message that Mia Farrow shared on her Twitter feed below.

The United States has been promoting social distancing as a way to flatten the curve and stop the accelerated rate at which new Coronavirus cases have been developing and the subsequent death toll. New York has been the epicenter and currently has more than 7,800 deaths. The death toll in New York for the past 24 hours has been 777 people.

Connecticut has seen 10,358 cases with 448 deaths. Sixty-eight people have died from Coronavirus in Connecticut within the past 24 hours.

Mia's post sparked tremendous response with many people offering words of encouragement and prayers for Quincy. Though Mia Farrow didn't elaborate on Quincy's symptoms, the fact alone that she was hospitalized shows that her illness was severe.

Many hospitals are only giving beds to those who are in serious condition and in need. Quincy's daughter was born in June 2018 and is only 22-months old.

Stay tuned for more on this developing story and future updates on Mia Farrow's daughter, Quincy.

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