Mexican Dynasties Sets February Premiere On Bravo: Everything Fans Need To Know

Mexican Dynasties Sets February Premiere On Bravo: Everything Fans Need To Know
Credit: Source: Bravo

Bravo is expanding its slate of reality TV with a new show based in the sprawling confines of Mexico City. Mexican Dynasties will explore the lives of three prominent families – the Bessudos, Madrazos and Allendes – who work in the entertainment, luxury car, and beverage industries.

The new show promises to reveal how these families made their fortunes and look at their complex family dynamics – all within the backdrop of a multi-layered culture. Each family also has multi-generational ties, which should make the drama all the more interesting.

All three families are tight-knit among themselves and have decade-long connections with each other that go beyond the professional world. According to Bravo TV , a new teaser trailer revealed which characters we will meet in the opening episode, which premieres at the end of next month.

Fans will be introduced to Fernando and Mari Allende, as well as their boys, Elan and Adan. We will also meet Raquel Bessudo and her daughter, Doris Bessudo. Doris is related to Mauricio Umansky, whom fans may recognize as the husband of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards.

Being related to a Real Housewives star might give the Bessudo’s an upper hand, though it is not clear how close they are to Richards and her husband. Rounding out the cast, meanwhile, is Oscar Madrazo and his sister, Paulina.

Companario Entertainment and Shed Media are co-producing the new show. Executive producers include Lisa Shannon, Pam Healey and Jaime Davila. It is unclear how many episodes will be featured in the first season.

Few other details have been released about the new show, but considering how Mexico City is home to a class of secretive elites, it will be interesting to see how things are done south of the border.

Fans can watch the drama unfold when Mexican Dynasties is set to premiere Feb. 26 on Bravo.

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